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Anticancer Library Plus

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Cancer is a major health problem for human beings, and it often physically and emotionally brings pains and difficulties to those living with it. Cancer cells remain undifferentiated (continue to divide, causing more damage, and invading new tissue), lack normal cell signaling responses (loss of contact inhibition and evasion of programmed cell death), contain abnormal changes (genetic abnormalities) in chromatin, have altered energy metabolism, and induce vascularization (ensure a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients). Anticancer drug development as the hottest research area has received much attention from scientists. However, in the current anticancer compound libraries, the drugs might have been discovered by different strategies or their anticancer bioactivity has been studied broadly so that the research value on them is gradually depreciated; on the other side, the application of bioactivity unknown compound library (although with a lot of unique structures) will cause lower hit rate and higher screening cost.

For this reason, TargetMol has implemented a large-scale project of acquisition and testing of antitumor compounds and finally created this Anticancer Library Plus consisting of xumn antitumor compounds with unique structures, covering 59 tumor progression-related targets. Of xumn antitumor compounds in this library, 99% of them have IC50 value below 3 μM so it is a powerful tool for anticancer drug development and target identification.

Pack Size Price/USD
100 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 14282.00
250 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 24280.00
1 mg 24280.00
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Product Description

  • Quantity: well-chosen 958 anti-tumor compounds with unique structures;
  • High antitumor activity: 99% of compounds with IC50 below 3 μM;
  • Covers 59 tumor related targets with each compound having clear target;
  • Detailed information: each compound has information about activity testing method, providing reference for your experimental design;
  • HNMR/LCMS validated to ensure high purity and quality;
  • A supplemental tool for anticancer drug development and target identification.

Library Customization

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Packaging And Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with blue ice
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