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Anti-Pancreatic Cancer Compound Library

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With advances in early detection and cancer treatment over the past decade, such as immunotherapy, we see the accelerated drops in lung cancer mortality as well as in melanoma, and long-term drops in death rates in colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer. While survival rates for other cancers have increased in the last 40 years, only 7% - 10% of people with pancreatic cancer currently survive for 5 years or longer. This type of cancer with the highest mortality rate of all major cancers is often detected late, spreads rapidly, and has a poor prognosis. A lack of ways to diagnose this cancer early and the largely asymptomatic nature of the disease means that most people are diagnosed at an advanced stage when treatments such as chemotherapy are not as effective.

To meet the needs of pancreatic cancer researchers and support the pancreatic cancer drug development, TargetMol collects 788 compounds related to pancreatic cancer, targeting KRas, MEK, ERK, RAF, PI3K, HER2, EGFR, JAK/STAT, IGF-1R, VEGF, TGFβ, etc.

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100 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 11726.00
250 μL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 19512.00
1 mg 19512.00
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Product Features

  • A unique collection of 788 pancreatic cancer related compounds can be used in HTS and HCS;
  • Some of them have been approved for clinical use or in clinical trial phases;
  • Detailed compound information with structure, target, IC50, and biological activity description;
  • NMR and HPLC/LCMS validated to ensure high purity and quality.

Library Customization

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Packaging And Storage

  • Powder or pre-dissolved DMSO solutions in 96 well plate with optional 2D barcode
  • Shipped with blue ice
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