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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T3S1641 Esculentoside H Phytolaccaceae has anti-tumor activity, the mechanism may be related to the capacity ...
T5S1632 8-O-Acetylshanzhiside methyl ester 8-O-Acetylshanzhiside methylester has potential against cerebral ischemic injury, and...
T4637 R-7050 R-7050 is a tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) antagonist with greater selectivity...
T2S2264 Linalool 1. Linalool, a natural compound of the essential oils, has been shown to have antinoc... Immunology/Nervous system
T4319 Hispidol Hispidol ((Z)-Hispidol) is a potential therapeutic for inflammatory bowel disease; in...
T3561 CPI-1189 REN-1189 is a TNF-a release inhibitor potentially for the treatment of sciatica and p... Nervous system/ Immunology system
T3790 Hederacoside D Hederacoside D is a bioactive saponins from Hedera helix.
T3805 CIMIFUGIN BETA-D-GLUCOPYRANOSIDE Prim-O-glucosylcimifugin can inhibit the proliferation of SMC(smooth muscle cell) sti... Others
T6852 GSK481 GSK481 is a RIP1(Receptor Interacting Protein Kinase1) inhibitor. Inhibition of RIP1 ... Others
T3332 Isosteviol Isosteviol, a common natural sweetener, belongs to tetracyclic diterpene glycosides. ... Metabolism
T2993 Cordycepin Cordycepin is a purine nucleoside antimetabolite and antibiotic isolated from the fun...
T2923 Apremilast (CC-10004) Apremilast (CC-10004) is a potent and orally active PDE4 (IC50=74 nM) with anti-infla... Metabolism system
T2384 Pomalidomide Pomalidomide is an immunomodulatory and antineoplastic agent that is used in the ther... Cancer
T1847 Necrostatin-1 Necrostatin-1 is a specific RIP1 inhibitor and inhibits TNF-α-induced necroptosis wit... Other
T1813 VGX-127 VGX-1027(GIT27) is an isoxazole compound with various immunomodulatory properties. Immunology
T1738 Taxifolin Taxifolin is a flavonoid in many plants such as Taxus chinensis, Siberian larch, Cedr... Immunology
T1642 Lenalidomide Lenalidomide is a thalidomide analog with potential antineoplastic activity. Lenalido...
T1265 Amrinone Amrinone is a positive inotropic cardiotonic (cardiotonic agent) with vasodilator pro... Cardiovascular System
T1027 Luteolin Luteolin is a naturally occurring flavonoid. The flavonoids are polyphenolic compound... Respiratory system
T0694 Pranlukast Pranlukast is a cysteinyl leukotriene receptor-1 antagonist. It antagonizes or reduce... Respiratory system
T0122 Bengenin Bergenin is a polyphenol, which is an effective antinarcotic agent with antioxidant a... Respiratory system