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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4031 S1p-receptor-agonist-1 S1p receptor agonist 1 is an S1P receptor agonist extracted from patent WO 2015039587... Others
T3961 CYM 5541 CYM-5541 (ML249) is an selective and allosteric S1P3 receptor agonist with an EC50 be... Others
T6923 Ozanimod (RPC1063) Ozanimod (RPC1063) is a selective oral S1P Receptor 1 modulator. Phase 3. Others
T6750 ABC294640 ABC294640 is an orally bioavailable and selective sphingosine kinase-2 (SphK2) inhibi... Others
T2171 SEW2871 Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 agonist SEW2871 prolongs heterotopic heart allogra... Others
T6403 BAF312 (Siponimod) BAF312 (Siponimod) is a next-generation S1P receptor modulator, selective for S1P1 an... Nervous system
T6673 SKI II SKI II is a highly selective and non ATP-competitive?S1P receptor?inhibitor with?IC50... Nervous system
T6085 PF-543 PF-543, a novel sphingosine-competitive inhibitor of SphK1, inhibits SphK1 with IC50 ... Nervous system
T2539 Fingolimod hydrochloride Fingolimod (FTY720) hydrochloride is a S1P antagonist with IC50 of 0.033 nM in K562, ... Nervous system
T2026 CYM5442 CYM5442 is a S1P agonist, target to Sphingosine. Other