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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T7016 VR23 VR23 is a potent proteasome inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM, 50-100 nM, and 3 μM for tryp... Others
T6941 PI-1840 PI-1840 is a reversible and selective chymotrypsin-like (CT-L) inhibitor with IC50 of... Others
T6830 Epoxomicin Epoxomicin is a selective proteasome inhibitor with anti-inflammatory activity, inhib... Others
T2154 MG-132hot MG-132 is an inhibitor of proteasome with IC50 of 100 nM, and also inhibits calpain w... Other
T6041 Oprozomib (ONX 0912) Oprozomib (ONX 0912) is an orally bioavailable inhibitor for CT-L activity of 20S pro... Cancer
T6029 ONX-0914 ONX-0914 (PR-957) is a potent and selective immunoproteasome inhibitor with minimal c... Inflammation;cancer
T6027 CEP-18770 (Delanzomib) CEP-18770 (Delanzomib) is an orally active inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like activit... Cancer
T3028 Celastrol Celastrol is a potent proteasome inhibitor for the chymotrypsin-like activity of a pu... Cancer
T2399 Bortezomibhot Bortezomib (PS-341) is a potent 20S proteasome inhibitor with Ki of 0.6 nM in a cell-... Cancer
T2122 MLN2238(Ixazomib) MLN2238 inhibits the chymotrypsin-like proteolytic (β5) site of the 20S proteasome wi... Cancer
T2016 MLN9708 MLN9708 immediately hydrolyzed to MLN2238, the biologically active form, on exposure ... Other
T1795 Carfilzomib (PR-171) Carfilzomib is an epoxomicin derivate with potential antineoplastic activity. Carfilz... Cancer