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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T3623 Cobimetinib Cobimetinib is a selective inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK)... Cancer
T6843 GDC-0623 GDC-0623 is a potent and ATP-uncompetitive MEK1 inhibitor with Ki of 0.13 nM. Phase 1... Others
T6785 BI-847325 BI-847325 is an orally bioavailable, and selective dual MEK/Aurora kinase inhibitor w... Others
T6760 APS-2-79 APS-2-79 is a MAPK antagonist that modulating KSR-dependent MAPK signalling by antago... Others
T6692 TAK-733 TAK-733 is a potent and selective MEK allosteric site inhibitor for MEK1 with IC50 of... Cancer
T6636 Refametinib (RDEA119, Bay 86-9766)hot Refametinib (RDEA119, Bay 86-9766) is a potent, ATP non-competitive and highly select... Cancer
T6223 U0126-EtOH U0126-EtOH is a highly selective inhibitor of MEK1/2 with IC50 of 0.07 μM/0.06 μM, 10... Cancer
T6218 Selumetinib (AZD6244)hot Selumetinib (AZD6244) is a potent, highly selective MEK1 inhibitor with IC50 of 14 nM... Cancer
T6189 PD0325901hot PD0325901 (PD325901) is a selective and non ATP-competitive MEK inhibitor with IC50 o... Cancer
T6152 PD318088 PD318088 is a non-ATP competitive allosteric MEK1/2 inhibitor, binds simultaneously w... Cancer
T6131 Pimasertib (AS-703026) Pimasertib (AS-703026) is a highly selective, potent, ATP non-competitive allosteric ... Cancer
T6083 AZD8330 AZD8330 is a novel, selective, non-ATP competitive MEK 1/2 inhibitor with IC50 of 7 n... Cancer
T3001 Honokiol Honokiol is the active principle of magnolia extract that inhibits Akt-phosphorylatio... Immunology
T2708 SL327 SL327 is a selective inhibitor for MEK1/2 with IC50 of 0.18 μM/ 0.22 μM, no activity ... Cancer
T2623 PD98059 PD98059 is a non-ATP competitive MEK inhibitor with IC50 of 2 μM in a cell-free assay... Cancer
T2610 BMS-599626 AC480 (BMS-599626) is a selective and efficacious inhibitor of HER1 and HER2 with IC5... Cancer
T2508 Binimetinib (MEK162, ARRY-162, ARRY-438162) Binimetinib (MEK162, ARRY-162, ARRY-438162) is a potent inhibitor of MEK1/2 with IC50... Cancer
T2443 CI-1040 PD184352 (CI-1040) is an ATP non-competitive MEK1/2 inhibitor with IC50 of 17 nM in c... Other
T2416 BIX02189 BIX02189 is a selective inhibitor of MEK5 with IC50 of 1.5 nM, also inhibits ERK5 cat... Other
T2327 Pelitinib Pelitinib (EKB-569) is a potent irreversible EGFR inhibitor with IC50 of 38.5 nM. Pha... Cancer
T2125 Trametinib (GSK1120212)hot Trametinib is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase ki... Cancer
T6324 BIX 02188 BIX02188 is a selective inhibitor of MEK5 with IC50 of 4.3 nM, also inhibits ERK5 cat... Cancer