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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4214 KDM4D-IN-1 KDM4D-IN-1 is a new histone lysine demethylase 4D (KDM4D) inhibitor with an IC50 valu... Others
T3552 CPI-455 CPI-455 is a specific KDM5 inhibitor. Others
T3677 GSK2879552 GSK2879552 is a selective, orally bioavailable, irreversible, mechanism-based inactiv... Cancer
T6922 ORY-1001 (RG-6016) ORY-1001 (RG-6016) is an orally active and selective lysine-specific demethylase LSD1... Others
T6847 GSK J1 GSK-J1 is a highly potent H3K27 histone demethylase inhibitor with IC50 of 28 nM and ... Others
T6593 ML324 ML324 is a selective inhibitor of jumonji histone demethylase (JMJD2) with IC50 of 92... Cancer
T6545 IOX1 IOX1 is the most potent broad-spectrum inhibitor of 2OG oxygenases, including the Jmj... others
T6073 OG-L002 OG-L002 is a potent and specific LSD1 inhibitor with IC50 of 20 nM, exhibiting 36- an... Cancer
T2315 GSK-LSD1 dihydrochloride(GSK-LSD1 2HCl) GSK-LSD1 dihydrochloride is an irreversible, and selective LSD1 inhibitor with IC50 o... Other
T2304 SP2509 SP2509 is a selective histone demethylase LSD1 inhibitor with IC50 of 13?nM, showing ... Other
T1025 Tranylcypromine (2-PCPA) hydrochloride Tranylcypromine is a drug of the substituted phenethylamine and amphetamine classes w... Nervous system
T3100 GSK J4 hydrochloride GSK J4 HCl is a cell permeable prodrug of GSK J1, which is the first selective inhibi... Cancer