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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T3504 AZD5153 AZD 5153 an orally available, bivalent inhibitor of the bromodomain and extraterminal... Others
T3712 Mivebresib Mivebresib, also known as ABBV-075, is a potent BET inhibitor (bromodomain (BRD)-cont... Cancer
T3311 GSK6853 GSK6853 is a potent (300 pM), soluble, cell active (20 nM), and highly selective inhi... Others
T6939 PFI-3 PFI-3 is a selective chemical probe for SMARCA bromodomains, including SMARCA2, SMARC... Others
T6859 I-BRD9 I-BRD9 (GSK602) is a potent and selective BRD9 inhibitor with pIC50 of 7.3, while it ... Others
T6811 CPI-637 CPI-637 is a selective and cell-active benzodiazepinone CBP/EP300 bromodomain inhibit... Others
T6786 BI-9564 BI-9564 is a selective inhibitor of BRD9 and BRD7 bromodomains with the IC50 of 75 nM... Others
T6783 BI-7273 BI-7273 is a potent, selective, and cell-permeable BRD9 BD Inhibitor. Others
T6668 SGC-CBP30 SGC-CBP30 is a potent CREBBP/EP300 inhibitor with IC50 of 21 nM and 38 nM, respective... Cancer
T6255 Bromosporine Bromosporine is a broad spectrum inhibitor for bromodomains with IC50 of 0.41 μM, 0.2... Cancer
T6222 PFI-1 (PF-6405761) PFI-1 is a selective BET (bromodomain-containing protein) inhibitor for BRD4 with IC5... Cancer
T6032 OTX015 OTX015 is a potent BET bromodomain inhibitor with EC50 ranging from 10 to 19 nM for B... Cancer
T6021 GSK1324726A (I-BET726) GSK1324726A (I-BET726) is a highly selective inhibitor of BET family proteins with IC... Cancer
T2480 RVX-208 RVX-208 is a potent BET bromodomain inhibitor with IC50 of 0.510 μM for BD2 in a cell... Cancer
T2436 GSK2801 GSK2801 is a potent, selective and cell active acetyl-lysine competitive inhibitor of... Cancer
T2379 UNC1215 UNC1215 is a potent and selective MBT (malignant brain tumor) antagonist, which binds... Cancer
T2252 UNC 669 UNC669 is a potent and selective MBT (malignant brain tumor) inhibitor with IC50 of 6... Other
T2110 (+)-JQ-1 (+)-JQ1 is a BET bromodomain inhibitor, with IC50 of 77 nM/33 nM for BRD4(1/2) in cel... Other
T2091 CPI-0610 CPI-0610 is a potent, selective, and cell-active BET bromodomain inhibitor CPI-0610 i... Other
T2072 BET bromodomain inhibitor It is a BET bromodomain inhibitor Other
T1906 GSK-525762A(I-BET-762) GSK 525762A (I-BET 762) is an inhibitor for BET proteins with IC50 of ~35 nM. Immunology