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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4453 JD-5037 JD-5037 is a novel, peripherally restricted CB1R antagonist with an IC50 of 1.5 nM. Endocrine metabolic disease;Diabetes mellitus; Hyperlipidaem
T9114 β-Caryophyllene β-Caryophyllene is a CB2 receptor agonist.
T3584 JWH-133 JWH 133 is a potent CB2 selective agonist. Others
T3699 Bay 59-3074

Bay 59-3074 is a CB1/CB2?receptor partial agonist (Ki: 48.3/45.5 nM). In rat model...

T6755 AM1241 AM-1241 is a selective cannabinoid CB2 receptor agonist with Ki of 3.4 nM, exhibits 8... Others
T1796 Otenabant Hydrochloride Otenabant hydrochloride (CP-945598) is a competitive, high affinity, selective antago... Other
T6417 BML-190 BML-190 is a specific CB2 receptor inverse agonist (Ki: 435 nM), with 50-fold selecti... Nervous system
T6527 GW842166X GW842166X is a potent and highly selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor CB2 recept... Nervous system
T2635 Org 27569 Org 27569, an allosteric modulator of cannabinoid CB1 receptor, can induce a CB1 rece... Endocrine system
T1915 AM251 AM251 is a effective CB1 receptor antagonist (IC50/Ki: 8 /7.49 nM) that displays 306-... Other
T1519L Rimonabant Rimonabant is an inverse agonist for the cannabinoid receptor CB1. It is an anorectic... Metabolism system
T1519 Rimonabant hydrochloride Rimonabant hydrochloride is a cannabinoid receptor antagonist, binding selectively to... Metabolism system