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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4S0498 Glaucocalyxin A 1. Glaucocalyxin A-SBE-β-CD could be useful with a better solubility and sustained f... Immunology/Cardiovascular system/Cancer
T3S2027 Rubusoside 1. Rubusoside is a natural sweetener . 2. Rubusoside is a solubilizing agent with an...
T3S1916 Heteroclitin D 1. Heteroclitin D can inhibit L-type calcium channels. 2. Heteroclitin D might be a v...
T3S1589 NotoginsenosideFa 1. Notoginsenosides Fa and R4 show significant neurite outgrowth enhancing activities... Nervous system
T3S1553 Cinnamic aldehyde 1. Cinnamic aldehyde exhibits excellent anti-inflammatory activities and antidepress... Immunology/Cardiovascular system
T3S0717 Thymol 1. Thymol, carvacrol and 6-gingerol possess useful antioxidant properties and may bec... Metabolism/Immunology
T2S2104 Allylglucosinolate 1. Sinigrin has antimicrobial activity. 2. Sinigrin exerts important anti-proliferati... Cancer
T2S1792 Lycobetaine 1. Ungeremine is a potential biofungicide against Penicillium roqueforti and Aspergil...
T4543 Telithromycin Telithromycin is a ketolide antibiotic to treat community acquired pneumonia of mild ...
T4531 GSK2200150A GSK2200150A, identified by high-throughput screening (HTS) campaign, is an anti-tuber...
T4501 Ceftizoxime Ceftizoxime is a cephalosporin-based, potent antibacterial agent which can be adminis...
T4272 4-Hydroxyquinoline 4-Hydroxyquinoline is a hydroxylated quinoline derivative with antimicrobial activity...
T4270 Cefquinome sulfate Cefquinome Sulfate is a semisynthetic, broad-spectrum, fourth-generation aminothiazol... others
T4273 Furagin Furagin is a Nitrofuran derivative with anti-infective activity used for urinary trac... others
T4267 Tulathromycin A Tulathromycin A is a macrolide antibiotic. others
T7043 Cefotetan Cefotetan Sodium (ICI-156834, YM-09330) is a second-generation cephalosporin, cephamy...
T4084 Antibiotic-202 Antibiotic-202, an antibiotic compound, is used in treating bacterial infections. Others
T3642 TBA-354 TBA-354 is a potent anti-tuberculosis compound. Respiratory system/Immunology
T1118 Cefprozil monohydrate Cefprozil hydrate is a second-generation cephalosporin-type antibiotic. Others
T6437 Cefoperazone Cefoperazone binds to and inactivates penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) located on t... others
T6492 Erythromycin Cyclocarbonate Erythromycin Cyclocarbonate, a derivative of Erythromycin, is active against Gram-pos... Anti-infective
T6179 Moxalactam Disodium Moxalactam sodium salt is an antibiotic compound more effective against Escherichia c... Immunology
T2703 LED209 LED209, a specific inhibitor of quorum sensor QseC of GNB, can generate a multifuncti... Immunology
T2692 Dalbavancin Impurity Dalbavancin Impurity is effective against Gram positive bacteria. Immunology
T2691 Oritavancin diphosphate Oritavancin diphosphate is a novel semisynthetic glycopeptide antibiotic which is bei... Immunology
T2184L Sulfamethazine sodium salt Sulfamethazine Sodium is a sodium salt form of sulfamethazine, a sulfonamide antibiot... Immunology
T2184 Sulfachloropyridazine Sulfachloropyridazine is a sulfonamide antimicrobial used for urinary tract infection... Immunology
T1940 BTB06584 BTB06584 is an IF1-dependent, selective inhibitor of the mitochondrial F1 Fo-ATPase. ... Immunology
T1832 Walrycin B Walrycin B is a new-type antibacterial compound targeting the WalR response regulator... Immunology
T1715 Chitosan Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide composed of randomly distributed β-(1-4)-linked D... Immunology